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Version 1.3 was intended to be a minor release that focused on adding User Permissions to Block Visibility. This simple feature addition uncovered a number of engineering hurdles surrounding how data is passed to the Block Editor depending on the role of the active user. As a result, custom REST API routes were written to efficiently fetch plugin settings and variable data. Block Visibility no longer relies on the default REST API endpoints available in the Block Editor, which allows for much more flexibility as development continues.

User Permissions

Before version 1.3, only administrators were able to control visibility settings in the Block Editor. The addition of user permissions provides much more flexibility.

Now by default, any user that is able to edit blocks in the Block Editor will be allowed to also control block visibility. To restrict this functionality, simply enable restrictions and choose the user role(s) that you would like to have access. Simple as that!

Note that administrators will always have access. User permissions settings are available on the General Settings tab of the plugin settings page.

General Settings
User Permissions in v1.3

Next Steps

A rough roadmap for future versions is outlined below.

  • Refinement of the contextual indicators, especially for themes with dark backgrounds and themes with “dark mode” functionality.
  • Compatibility with the new full-site editing functionality coming in WordPress v5.6+.
  • Keyboard shortcut for hiding blocks.

Have a feature that you would like to see? Find an issue with the plugin?

Please leave a comment below or in the support forum in the Plugin Repository. Thanks for using Block Visibility, and we hope you find it useful.

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Nick is the creator of Block Visibility. He is also an active WordPress contributor and Developer Advocate focusing on block-based WordPress. You can follow him on Twitter or reach out in WordPress Slack at @ndiego.

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