Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Does this plugin really work with any block? (i.e. What is Full Control Mode?)

Yes! However, not all block types are enabled by default. Visibility controls are only provided to blocks that can be added directly to a page/post by the block inserter. Therefore, some specialized blocks, such as child blocks, are not included by default. An example is the individual Column block that is part of the larger Columns block.

That said, you can enable Full Control Mode in the plugin settings. This removes all restrictions and adds visibility controls to every block. You probably will not need Full Control Mode, but it is there if you do.

Furthermore, while this plugin was designed to be compatible with all blocks, the WordPress ecosystem is ever-expanding. If you find a conflict with a certain block, please let us know in the plugin support forum, and we will investigate. We are committed to bringing visibility control to every block.

Can Block Visibility be used with any WordPress theme?

Yup, this plugin is not theme-specific. You just need to be running the latest version of WordPress (5.5+) and be using the Block Editor. This plugin provides zero functionality to the Classic Editor.

Will more visibility controls be added in the future?

Yes, and if you have a specific idea of what you would like to see, please submit a feature request in the plugin support forum on or through the contact form on this website.

Does this plugin work with Full Site Editing and block-based themes?

As of version 1.4.0, Block Visibility is supported in the Site Editor, which is available when using a block theme. We are committed to ensuring 100% compatibility with all Full Site Editing features. Please let us know in the plugin support forum if you find bugs or compatibility issues.

Does Block Visibility work with Elementor and other page builders?

No. Block Visibility was designed specifically for the WordPress Block Editor and therefore does not work on pages that are controlled by the Elementor editor or another page builder. As long as you are editing native WordPress “block” content, Block Visibility will work.

Is the visibility of blocks controlled using CSS?

Visibility is controlled primarily on the server, so if a block should be hidden based on the set controls, it will not even be rendered. This ensures the plugin does not load any additional resources on the front end of your site, thereby optimizing performance.

The one exception to this is the Screen Size controls. Visibility by screen size requires the use of CSS, which is loaded to the front end of your site if, and only if, these controls are enabled. You can opt to disable this CSS and add the necessary yourself.

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