Block-based visibility control for WordPress.

Conditional and Personalized Content for WordPress

Effortlessly create dynamic content in WordPress that will increase conversions, enhance the user experience and improve your own workflow.

Schedule when blocks should be visible. Display exclusive promotions to your customers. Restrict blocks to specific locations, user roles, screen sizes and more. All with no code and just a few clicks!

Designed exclusively for the Block Editor (Gutenberg). Compatible with all blocks and supports Full Site Editing.


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How Does Block Visibility Work?

Block Visibility is the easiest way to create dynamic content in WordPress. There is no external editor or new interface to learn. Work directly in the Block Editor with blocks you are already familiar with. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to transform static blocks into conditional and personalized content.

It takes just 3 simple steps…

Step 1: Create your block content in the WordPress Block Editor.

Step 1

Create Your Block Content

Begin by adding your content to the Block Editor. Block Visibility works with all blocks including those provided by third-party plugins like Jetpack and WooCommerce.


Here we have used Cover, Heading, Paragraph, and Buttons blocks to create a promotional banner. We ultimately want this content to only be visible starting on July 12th at 9:00 am.

Step 2: Configure the desired visibility controls for your block content.

Step 2

Configure the Desired Visibility Controls

With your content finalized, navigate to the Visibility panel in the settings sidebar of the selected block. Choose the visibility control(s) that you would like to apply. Update the page/post when finished.


We have chosen the Date & Time control and configured a schedule. The block will become visible at 9:00 am on July 12th. Conditional settings only need to be applied to the Cover block. All blocks inside of the Cover block will be hidden as well.

Step 3: Marvel at what you have built. Your block is now conditional.

Step 3

Marvel at the Results

The block is now conditional and will only be visible based on the configured controls. That was pretty easy, right?

Best of all, Block Visibility is a 100% free!

Need more advanced functionality and third-party integrations? Block Visibility Pro is available as an optional paid add-on.

Robust Visibility Controls

Block Visibility is powered by sophisticated controls that allow you to set the perfect visibility conditions for each blocks. Keep it simple with a single control or combine multiple to create endless configurations.

Manage the visibility of multiple blocks at once using global presets. Perfect for when you need to conditionally display lots of content at the same time.

Show or hide any block on your website with a single click. An essential utility if you are using Gutenberg (Block Editor) in WordPress. 

Effortlessly schedule when blocks should be visible. Great for running promotions and specials, content management, and more. 

Hide on mobile? Not every piece of content is intended for all screens. Easily control which screen sizes a block should be visible on.


Display content based on where a block is located and the attributes of its location. Built with block-based WordPress themes in mind.

Is the user logged in or out? Are they a member? You decide who can see each block. Supports roles from third-party plugins.


Sophisticated browser and device detection allows you to tailor website content to each user. Great for compatibility messaging.


Easily restrict block visibility based on the current URL path. Configure unique content on child pages, taxonomy archives, and more.


Restrict visibility to specific domains, complete URLs, URL fragments, or as a user navigates between pages on your own website.

Harness the power of query strings, or URL parameters, to enhance your marketing and provide inbound links with unique content.


Conditionally display block based on post metadata and/or user metadata. Metadata is often referred to as Custom Fields.


Using the Cookie control, you can easily show or hide blocks based on HTML cookies. Great for eCommerce, personalization, and marketing.

The core Block Visibility plugin includes all free features. The Pro add-on provides additional functionality for more advanced implementations.

Third-Party Integrations for Block Visibility

In addition to the functionality outlined above, Block Visibility (Pro) includes dedicated controls for some of the biggest third-party plugins in the WordPress ecosystem.

Is there an integration that you would like to see? Let us know.

WooCommerce Integration


Create dynamic content based on store-related rules. From the quantity of products in a customer’s cart to their total lifetime spend in your store, there is no easier way to personalize the shopping experience. 

Easy Digital Downloads Integration


The easiest way to display conditional content in your EDD powered store. Conditions include shopping cart contents, customer history and more. You might even find blocks using the EDD control on this website!

Advanced Custom Fields Integration

Configure block visibility using ACF fields. There are thousands of applications for the Advanced Custom Fields control. You are only limited by your own creativity and how you have implemented ACF!

WP Fusion Integration

Combine Block Visibility with the power of WP Fusion to conditionally show or hide content based on data from your favorite CRM or marketing automation platform. Works with WP Fusion Lite.

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